VINTURI On bottle wine aerator


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CONTENT: Red wine aerator ON BOTTLE

 As efficient as the classic model, this model is fixed directly on the bottle.d

Wine needs to breathe

Wine that has breathed is better.

When breathing, the wine reveals its aromas. Traditionally the wine is aerated in a decanter but this takes time and is not practical. The VINTURI wine aerator allows this process to be accelerated with ease. All the taste without waiting. Just pour the wine through the VINTURI. The VINTURI system provides the right amount of air in the right amount of time, allowing your wine to breathe instantly.

You will discover a better bouquet, intensified aromas and a softer finish. It's quick and easy. The principle is based on the fluid technique (Bernoulli). The faster the speed of a fluid, the lower the pressure in the fluid. When the wine passes through the VINTURI, the speed of the wine is accelerated and therefore the pressure is decreased. The difference in pressure allows the wine to be mixed with the incoming air, allowing for perfect aeration.

Best Bouquet

Do the olfactory test of the aromas, you will see that VINTURI allows to develop the wine's aromas.

Best taste

Take a sip, you will see that the wine is more pleasant as a starter.

More subtle finale

Airing softens the tannins, which translates into a much more pleasant finish in the mouth.