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ZZYSH preservation system

The Zzysh wine preservation system is designed to extend the life of a bottle of wine after opening by replacing the air in the bottle with argon (still wine) or argon/CO2 mixture (Champagne). Here's how you can use the Zzysh system for wine preservation:

  1. Hermetic closure: After opening a bottle of wine, place the Zzysh cork on the bottle. Make sure it's properly sealed to create a hermetic seal.

  2. Insert capsule: Insert the Zzysh capsule into the corresponding device. 

  3. Gas injection: Place the Zzysh device on the cork and press the button to inject gas into the bottle. The gas will replace the air in the bottle, creating a protective atmosphere for the wine.

  4. Storage: After gas injection, store the bottle upright to avoid excessive contact of the wine with the cork.

The use of Zzysh helps slow down the oxidation process in wine, prolonging its freshness and aromatic characteristics. 

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